3 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs Blush Pink in Their Wardrobe

This gentle shade of pink is a sweet touch to any style! Blush pink is the latest fashion color of the season. It is a MUST have in every girls wardrobe! Here are 3 reasons why this should be every girls staple item:

1. It’s chic and sophisticated

It might be that I always looked at blush pink at dainty, but not anymore. From the runways to the streets, it is everyones new chic. Wear it boldly as a dress or jacket to make the latest fashion statement. My favorite is blush pink booties paired with a neutral grey outfit. If you want to start small, don’t be afraid to go for the blush pink accessories to start!

2. It’s the new neutral

Pair this with almost any color! Use this as another neutral to your wardrobe (besides the popular grey!). Add blush pink to add a pop of color to your outfit for any season. Winter, spring, summer fall, you’re right on trend for it all! I paired a blush pink sweater from Aritzia with black Lululemon yoga pants for the perfect neutral combination at the beach!

3. Wear it to the gym

Yes, thats right I said it! Fashion to the gym? With brands like Lululemon, Athletica, and Fabletics, wearing trendy workout clothes to the gym is right on point. I recently bought the Energy Bra from Lululemon in blush pink to add that pop of color to my workout wardrobe. It pairs well with my other neutral colors and my bold ones. As always, when you look good in the gym, you feel good!

Go get motivated and give this blush pink color a try! Let me know how you like it!

Xo, Nicole

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