A bit about Nicole!

Wednesday. 4 whole days left to wonder my apartment as it pours rain outside my window. I cleaned up the Christmas decor, ate my avocado toast, searched Expedia for my next travel adventure, and did my usual daily amazon prime order – this time some flossers. I texted my boyfriend asking what time he will be home for lunch because its noon and who likes being alone with nothing to do? Apparently a lot of people from what he tells me. He tells me to enjoy this time and maybe start a blog because all successful companies need a blog. Well…I’m not the most savvy writer, I’ve never even read a blog, nor do I have a company. But here I am with time to give and a soul that lusts for a happy, simple, and balanced lifestyle!

So who is this girl?

I come from a cute little town about 45 minutes from San Francisco. I am a teacher, a traveler, a shopper, a vegan, a grad student, and an entrepreneur at heart. I work for a continuation high school teaching personal finance and algebra. It is the the most difficult yet rewarding job I could ever imagine. I’ll save my unlimited stories for another blog post though. Thankfully my little salary gives me just enough to do a bit of traveling. I am avid about traveling and have only just begun my adventures. I recently got back from the Dominican Republic (pictured) where there are endless beautiful beaches and plenty of coconuts to drink fresh coconut water (with a bit of added rum) from. Β I am overly obsessed with shopping (a new years resolution of mine) and I became a vegan on a whim about 3 months ago. I realized I simply don’t enjoy the taste of meat and dairy doesn’t help with with my struggle for perfect skin. I absolutely love it but don’t worry my focus is not on forcing veganism. I am a grad student and will be graduating this June with my MBA (Masters in Business Administration). A first year teacher getting a masters in business? I’ll explain later. Wow that was a long 2 years coming. I am pretty spontaneous (impulsive as my boyfriend puts it) but just like the day I decided to be vegan, I decided to enroll in my first class, pay my tuition, and commit to 2 years of my life all on a whim. Best decision this far. I am passionate about investing in your education because someone once told me it is the one thing in life that no one can ever take from you. knowledge is power. Lastly, I am an entrepreneur at heart which is what led me to this blog in the first place. I had an extensive business plan in 2017 but the timing just didn’t fit. I think over and over about what my next big idea is and I guess that is where this blog comes into play.

There’s so much I love about my life. I love the beach, brunching, happy hour, wine, friends & family, working out, and acai bowls. Yes…specifically acai bowls made the list. I guess thats all pretty random and a quite a bit alcohol related reading this back to myself. But hey, even the best job in the whole world deserves a much needed glass of wine come Friday.

Amongst all else, I strive for balance. I am a perfectionist deep down, learning to accept life’s imperfections. Between my job, masters program, learning to eat vegan, and my desire for the perfectly fit body, all while traveling AND saving money on a teacher salary, doesn’t leave much “me” time. I struggle to fit it all in which takes me back to my current state of being along with nothing to do. I am on break from all responsibility and it’s driving me crazy. Weird, right? I guess thats all part of me finding myself and where exactly I fit in this world. My wondrous soul craves the busy lifestyle filled with endless goals to better myself but something tells me sitting here next to my favorite Anthropologie candle, starting this blog, is my next big adventure. I am 24 years young and its day 3 of a brand new year… so here goes nothing!

Xo, Nicole



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