2018..New Year, New Me! (just kidding)

January is my favorite month of the year (December is a close second). I absolutely love the magic of Christmas time, but by the time New Years comes, I’m more than ready to put those decorations away and get back into my routine! January also means it’s my birthday month (25 this year, woohoo!) but also a fresh start. I’m not huge on “New Years resolutions” but I do like to take time to reflect on the past year and also make goals on how I want to grow and improve as a person for the upcoming year!

In 2018 I want to:

1) Be in the “now.” I oftentimes am always looking forward to the next best thing or am so focused on planning my next trip that I forget to enjoy what’s happening right in front of me! (Anyone else guilty of this?)

2) Eat mindfully but don’t obsess over it. I am not a huge fan of “diets” only because I feel like I either set myself up for feeling guilty if I “cheat” or am disappointed with not seeing the results I was hoping for. This last year I’ve been working on eating clean most of the time but also enjoying my favorite not so healthy foods in moderation. Life is no fun with only grilled chicken and veggies. 😉

3) Travel more. I am visiting my friend in Austin, Texas in a couple of weeks and am so excited! Nicole and I are also booking a trip to London and possibly Barcelona, stay tuned. 🙂

What goals/resolutions do you have for 2018?!

Xoxo, Nat

(Danielle Poff Photography)

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