Avila Beach, CA for New Years 2018!

Salt water and sun are my two favorite things! Call me crazy but this year I wanted to bring in the new year with nothing more than the relaxing sounds of the waves (a bit of a change from my party scene back when I was 21). Interesting how life changes like that! You become to realize that the club scene with your short mini dresses, makeup smeared faces, and hungover mornings just aren’t your thing. My true happy place is anywhere the ocean is!

Brett’s (boyfriend) family was generous enough to invite us on a weekend trip to Avila Beach, CA. The weather was unbelievably perfect (one of the many reasons I love CA)! We spend most of the weekend on our ocean front patio watching the waves crash literally in front of our faces. If you haven’t been there, Avila is this little tiny town that has about 3 cute little shops, less than 5 restaurants, and about a dozen wineries – okay I’m hooked. Beach and wine? Can I live here? No, back to reality; 2 nights is all I need in my mini paradise to recharge my mind and get me focused on my 2018 goals.

The hotel? Perfect as well! Avila Beach Lighthouse Suites – a must stay! Most rooms have some visual of the ocean and many of them are ocean front. It is the closest hotel to the downtown area. No matter what room, you are steps from the sand. They have giant checkers next to the pool which I obviously beat Brett at (I don’t know if he would quite agree).

If you are looking for food options I highly recommend the Ocean Grill or Ventana Grill! They both had amazing views, staff, and food. We had reservations at the Custom House the first night and they were so rude, we were practically forced to leave – whatever you do, don’t go! But anyways, back to my happy vibes!

Okay, so you want the details of the NYE kiss, right? After 2.5 years it’s still the most special! We just moved in together this past June. Keep in touch and I promise to spill more on how living with a guy for the first time is going or on a more exiting topic – DECORATING! I love to decorate my place but – squirrel – story of my life! I love to talk and seem to get off topic so here we go back to my happy place once again! Feel free to comment below and ask me questions about Avila Beach πŸ™‚ Life’s too short – take the trip and enjoy! Never forget to invest in yourself and your mental health – maybe it’s not my obsession over the beach but find whatever yours may be and go!

Xo, Nicole

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  1. Karyn says:

    I love Avila Beach too and love that you & Brett were there to help us celebrate the new year! And I dislike Custom House too! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»
    Can’t wait to read more about your adventures and your decorating and what you’re learning. Love this blog and you!


    1. N&N says:

      It was so much fun! Love our beach getaways with you! Yay I’m excited you’re following! πŸ’•


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