Learning to Learn – Journey to my M.B.A.

First day of my last semester in my journey to my Masters in Business Administration program is tomorrow! I have been waiting to say that since the day I started! June 2018 and I will be free from this 2 year commitment! The next 8 weeks is a class focused on social media (quite fitting actually for this whole new blog adventure). This semester I want it to be different though. I too forget to practice what I teach sometimes, which is getting something out of what you’re being taught. It is easy to get wrapped up in a busy life and forget to take it all in. In fact, last semester I remember one week in particular where I was nannying for a week straight, prepping new lessons to teach my students, getting to the gym every night, meal prepping, and sadly my masters program took a hard last place to all of that. I was once again falling into the routine of skimming text just to find a quote to place in my research paper. Here I am paying $35,000 in tuition just to rush though an assignment I know I can turn in and get an A on? Sounds ridiculous, I know.

This year one of my goals is to be more present in the moment (yes, I love clichés). That starts with this semester in particular. This morning I opened up my laptop and logged onto my portal with a new mindset. I read the title of the first book, “Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization” by Olivier Blanchard. I am excited about this one in particular considering Natalie and I announced our new blogging adventure on social media today. This all relays back to getting something from your education.

I started this journey to better myself and expand my knowledge about building a business (okay, making more money might have been on the top 3 too). I admit I fell into a bad habit of reading to read and writing discussion posts just to get them done. It is easy when all you have done your whole life is school but only now there are real life responsibilities thrown right on top like the candle on a layered cake. But not this time! I will not let my busy schedule take away from my growth – my education. So here I am, back on Amazon Prime, ordering my books with all intentions of reading them for myself – to expand my knowledge just like I said I would. Using this class as a tool to better my future (hopefully even with this blog). There is always something we can be more mindful of and I urge you to take that step with me!

Xo, Nicole

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