My First Visit to Austin, Texas

I’ve been so fortunate to be able to do some travel get-away’s these last couple of months and this last weekend was one of my favorites. I traveled to Austin to visit a good friend of mine and had an amazing time! I went to Texas for the first time last May and visited Fort Worth/Dallas but never made it out to Austin until this weekend. I had heard great things about Austin and that it feels similar to California (because a lot of people from California relocate there) and it’s so true! I definitely felt splashes of California but Austin also had that Texan charm that I love.

Since I’m such a foodie, I was in heaven! My friend Emily took me around to all of her favorite spots. Austin has a large variety of healthy (but delicious) restaurant options for food, which was one of my favorite parts. I love eating out and trying new places but it’s sometimes hard to find restaurants with healthy options, but that was not a problem in Austin!

Some of my favorite spots from my weekend in Austin:


This was by far my favorite restaurant that I went to in Austin. I even loved it so much that we went here twice for brunch! Their food uses all local ingredients, grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, wild-caught fish, and they never use gluten. They also use avocado oil, which is way more expensive to cook with but way healthier to eat. So basically anything on the menu was paleo friendly and super delicious! The first time I went, I ordered the avocado toast that uses fermented sourdough bread and a locally made kombucha. It was legit the best avo toast I’ve ever had.

The second time I went, I ordered their Harvest Hash that had roasted sweet potato, spinach, Brussels sprouts, grass-fed beef and sausage, onion, sage, toasted pecans, maple vinaigrette and a poached egg…is your mouth watering yet? I also ordered their homemade bone broth to sip on because it’s a good source of collagen (collagen is healthy for you skin- helps prevent wrinkles) and is good for your digestive system! Because of my endometriosis, I try and only eat hormone-free meats and limit my dairy intake so this place was perfect for my dietary restrictions. If you like healthy yet flavorful food, this is a must go to restaurant!

Ladybird Lake (Town Lake)

I love taking long walks with a scenic view so walking around Ladybird Lake was perfect! It was a gorgeous day out and we walked about 3 1/2 miles around the lake. Something that I love about Austin is that it’s super dog friendly so everyone was walking or running with their cute pups. You can also rent kayaks, which is apparently super popular during the summertime!

The Domain 

The Domain is a downtown area with a bunch of restaurants, bars and tons of shopping! We ate dinner at Culinary Dropout and I ordered the steak tacos and Pink Cadillac Margarita…yummmm. The restaurant also had live music, corn hole and ping pong out on the patio. It’s a popular spot on a Saturday night so make sure you make a reservation! After dinner, we went to St. Genevieve down a couple of blocks for an after-dinner drink. It’s a cozy lounge to check out with dimmed lighting and they serve food as well. We ordered the Brussel sprouts and they were amazing! Brussel sprouts and drinks?! Weird combo but great. If you’re looking for night life, this would be a great place to check out because there’s a lot of popular bars and lounges close by to each other.

Summer Moon Coffee Bar

This coffee shop was delicious and had a cute atmosphere too! They have something that is called “moon milk” that they put in a lot of their drinks and it’s supposed to be amazing. I would have ordered it but recently cut out dairy so instead, I ordered a coconut milk latte with sprinkled autumn spices and it did not disappoint. This place also roasts their own wood-fired coffee beans.

I kept thinking about how much my parents and Andrew would love Austin so I definitely want to take a trip out there again soon. What are your favorite spots in Austin that I should check out next time?!

Xoxo, Nat


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  1. Karyn says:

    Makes me want to take a food trip to Austin! And yes my mouth is watering from your Harvest Hash description! 😄


    1. N&N says:

      Haha oh good mission accomplished! 😉 You totally should!!


    2. N&N says:

      Haha oh good! Mission accomplished 😉


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