Coffee Date with “Advice from a 20 Something”

We were so excited when Amanda from “Advice from 20 Something” told us that she chose us to have a mentor meeting with her from the Bumble Bizz contest! Here we are brand new to the blogging world and we got to meet with someone who is willing to share some of her blogging tips and tricks. Is this real life?! In Amanda’s blog, she discusses all sorts of relatable topics and offers advice with a young, hip perspective toย her readers. You have to check out her blog if you haven’t already! For our Bumble Bizz meeting, we met with Amanda at a cute coffee shop in San Francisco called Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters where they did the impossible – put a heart foam heart in our latte! That was definitely a check off my bucket list.ย Amanda is extremely sweet and down to earth and we so enjoyed ourย coffee date with her.


Okay, let’s discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO), plug-ins, widgets, platforms, host sites, and banner ads. Okay before you click off because we are probably boring you by the second, we’re kidding! Yes, the amazing Amanda told us all the in’s and out’s of those things but we’ll first get our minds wrapped around them before we try and pretend we know how it all works quite yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

The real lesson Amanda confirmed for us is toย be true to yourself. This is a good reminder for all of us- whether we are posting on a blog, Instagram, or even when we have a conversation with someone about an opinion they might not agree with. We are all so uniquely different and we should just embrace it. Writing about things that we love and are passionate about is our main reason for starting this blog. We want to share all of our favorite things with you and above nothing else be an open book (or blog, I suppose). With that, we are two young women and although our lives might seem awesome 24/7 on Instagram, I am sure it’s no shock when we tell you they’re not. You mean you’re not constantly traveling somewhere new or with a perfectly polished face of makeup on? Hell no- we are in grad school, teachers and just trying to keep our heads above water at this point. Even the difference between a plain coffee and a vanilla latte at Starbucks is $3 to consider a life or death matter on (okay, that might be a tad dramatic). The struggle is real people but that only makes life more exciting! Stay on our adventure with us and we promise to keep things authentic and genuine!

P.S. Another tip from Amanda was to start a joint Instagram account! Be sure to follow us @nandnblog

Xoxo, Nicole and Nat



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