Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day! (Oil Training)


Back in high school I literally used to wash my hair every day, blow dry it and style. Every. Day. Now between work, grad school, working out and trying to maintain a social life, who has time to wash and style their hair every day?? I know I don’t! I probably spend 1/5 of the time now than I did in high school and let me tell you why…

Oil training! I didn’t even know this could work nor had any intentions of oil training my hair. After not washing my hair for several days, multiple weeks in a row while I was recovering from surgery, my hair became significantly less oily after every week that went by! The whole process took me about 4 weeks. Post surgery, I literally was so sore that I didn’t shower for a couple of days and even after that, only had the energy to wash my body, leaving my hair in a very oily mess. After a few days, I finally would wash it and then go another few days until I washed it again. Was it disgusting? Yes. Did I care? No. But what I didn’t realize is my scalp was getting used to its natural oils and wasn’t feeling the need to produce as many oils as it was before. I remember a dermatologist once telling me- don’t wash your face so much, it’s overproducing oil to make up for the dryness from washing it so much, which causes acne. I feel like the same kinda deal applies to our hair? Just a theory.

Anyways, I don’t really have a proven, researched-based explanation but it worked for me so I’m sure it could work for you! I currently wash my hair about every 3-4 days. I notice that my hair can go longer without washing if it’s curled- I think it hides the greasiness compared to if it’s straight (haha sorry, gross). I shower every day but just wear a shower cap when I do, and it does a good job at keeping it dry. I usually still blow dry my hair for a few seconds to help fluff it back up after pulling it down from a bun under the shower cap. Lately, when I work out or have my hair in a shower cap, I use “no crease” hair ties to throw it up in a bun and it prevents any dents or creases when I put it back down. I buy mine from Sephora but here’s an example. These are game changers when you’re trying to make your style last! If my hair is super sweaty after working out, I just bite the bullet and wash it. If it’s a little sweaty, I blow dry it for a few seconds and put dry shampoo in it and it’s usually fine. Sounds gross, but I think my looser day three hair looks better than my day one hair. Plus my workouts outs aren’t high intensity right now- I’m mainly doing weights so I’m less sweaty in general. I always wash it after Soul Cycle though because there’s no coming back from that.

If you wanted to oil train your hair, I would recommend giving it a deep clean and then don’t wash it for 2-3 days. The next time you wash it, do it again and push it out 3-4 days and see how your hair looks. If it’s disgusting, wash it. But if it doesn’t look too bad, try pushing it out another day (throw it in a messy bun or put a hat on if you have to). I would continue this for a few weeks and see how your hair reacts and do what works for you! It might take a few weeks but I think over time, it will adapt. I’m telling ya, my hair used to be oily by the end of the day in high school but now I can go days without washing it. I still use dry shampoo almost daily to add texture and volume but I only use Living Proof Dry Shampoo. If I curled my hair that day or a couple days prior, I brush it out before bed and reapply a little hairspray. I also think the products I use help hold my style for several days. If you’re interested in reading about which hair products I recommend, you can check out my blog post here!

Anyways, I hope this works for you! Let me know if it does and tell me about your experiences oil training your hair!!

Xoxo, Nat

P.S Photo credit to my awesome hair stylist Malyssa at House of Cabelo!

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